Who We Are

The Aetna Quantitative Center at Trinity College was established in 1987 with a grant from the Ætna Life and Casualty Foundation, in part to administer Trinity’s Quantitative Literacy (formerly Math Proficiency) Requirement.

What We Do

  • Administering Trinity’s Quantitative Literacy Requirement, including assessment of the quantitative literacy of each incoming student and oversight of his/her progress in meeting the requirement.
  • Providing a full-semester QLIT 101 course taught by Quantitative Center Faculty for those students required to take it.
  • Holding tutoring hours most afternoons and evenings, when students may find help from peer tutors for calculus, statistics, college algebra, as well as other math related courses. ​​
  • Working collaboratively with the Mathematics Department to provide support for Trinity students enrolled in mathematics courses.
The literacy of incoming students is determined in part by the Mathematics Placement Exam given each fall as part of the new-student orientation program. Students will be evaluated on the mathematical skills needed to succeed in quantitative courses throughout the curriculum, including  numerical relationships, algebraic relationships, and logical relationships.  A faculty committee reviews all entering first-year students and may require some to take QLIT 101, College Algebra, to fulfill the requirement. For those students, the Quantitative Literacy requirement must be fulfilled by taking this course on Trinity’s Hartford campus.​

Aetna Quantitative Center

Kaitlyn Gingras Roy Nutt Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science Center (MECC)
MECC 172
8:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.